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Honoring Passover with Poetry

We’ve partnered with the lovely students from Portland Jewish Academy’s writing club for 6th-8th graders to bring you articles and poetry from their fresh, youthful and unique perspective. In celebration of Passover this week, one thoughtful student shares a poem!

Passover in a Poem

by Mazzi Katzen

Everyone getting dressed in their holiday clothes
Grandfather in silver and
Grandmother in gold

We all come together and celebrate
Guests rushing in one by one
Coming early or late

Passover cheer and sorrow all set on one plate
The sun setting and spirit rising
On this holiday to which all Jews can relate

The parsley
Matzah &
Remembering how we were treated so harshly

It’s sad how the elders come and they go
Still bringing the young
And watching them grow

We end the night with blazing candlelight
With lots of love and hugs, we let go


About Mazzi Katzen

Mazzi Katzen is a seventh grader at the Portland Jewish Academy. She has been a regular contributor this year to NW Kids. In addition to being a writer, Mazzi enjoys softball, soccer, and having fun with friends.