June 2017

Cover June 2017

Cover June 2017School’s out! Summer is here! This is the season we’ve all been waiting for, when the city comes alive with culture, exploration and adventure. You might be planning a sweet family vacation to escape the everyday for awhile; if you’re sticking around, there’s plenty to keep you and the exuberant kiddos engaged.

I highly encourage you to venture out to the Hawthorne neighborhood on June 17 for Seahorses’ 2nd Annual Dadiator Games, an all-out smarts and skills challenge that puts six brave dads to the ultimate test to prove their Dadiator-hood. There can only be one champion, but witnessing dudes navigating strollers through obstacle courses and dueling with sippy cups makes everyone a winner.

We also bring you the second installment of our Street Fair Guide as well as a roundup of outdoor music and family-oriented festivals to ensure that you absorb as much precious vitamin D as possible. Or use one of those sunny days to visit one of the many abundant farms in our U-Pick Berries resource guide to pick juicy berries. Whatever floats your boat!

Lastly, back by popular request is our Color Me Cover Contest, sponsored by Steve and Kate’s. We invite kiddos to draw a picture depicting “If Kids Ran the World” and send it to us for a very rigorous and top secret selection process that will produce the cover of our August 2017 issue! Check out or for the fine print.

Until next month…

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Karel landed in Portland from the NJ/NYC area in 2008 and fell in love instantly. Since joining the NW Kids team in 2010 she has worn many hats, including client services and ad design, before becoming editor. She digs the small-town big-city Portland community, its many local businesses and the endless possibilities for adventure just outside your door! In addition to seeking out fun and play for kidlets, she runs a therapy private practice helping people through heartbreak, dating and relationships.