Activities and Outings

The Short List: June 2-4

Howdy, y’all! Happy June! This weekend is full of fantastic, free family fun.

June 3

PGE/SOLVE Starlight Parade

Prepare to be dazzled at one of Portland’s most popular events, the Starlight Parade. Join over 300,000 spectators from all over the region and watch as the night is illuminated with sparkling lights and the air is filled with music. From hand-built entries and glow-in-the-dark umbrellas, to flood-lit floats and marching bands, there will be no shortage of brilliant, whimsical things to look at. 2017 marks 40 years for the Starlight Parade, so this certainly promises to be a true celebration! Free,

June 3

Family Fun Day on the Farm

Schoolyard Farms and Ecology in Classrooms & Outdoors (ECO) are inviting you and the gang to a celebration of family, food and the great outdoors! This is the second annual Family Fun Day on the Farm at Candy Lane Elementary School, and they would love for you to come out and enjoy games, crafts, food, farm tours, raffles and more. Games will include farm games and crafts, native plant scavenger hunt, conservation activities and lots more! Free,

June 3

Portland Buddhist Festival

Now is the time to be joining together in harmony with respect for the world’s diversity. This weekend hosts the Portland Buddhist Festival, offering practicing Buddhists or those who are just curious a chance to join together and learn more about Buddhism and its followers. Listen to the opening bells ring, join the panel for talks with many honored members of the Buddhist community, listen to music, learn and enjoy. There will also be a kids’ area and a prize drawing to enter. Free,

June 3-4

Faire in the Grove

Hear ye, hear ye, revelers and royalty alike! This weekend is the celebrated Faire in the Grove, a festival that brings you the opportunity to step back in time to the Medieval Ages and the Renaissance. Join medieval re-enactors, history buffs and armored fighters on the massive lawn of the Grand Lodge for a day or two of living in a medieval village. Enjoy armored combat, dance, music, storytelling, workshops and so much more! Free,

June 3-4

Youth Rodeo

If you want to be a real cowboy or cowgirl, you’ve got to start young! Come out and support some of Oregon’s tiniest cattle wranglers and rope swingers. Watch contestants, some as young as two or three years old, compete in age-appropriate rodeo events like goat tying, pole bending, barrel racing, calf riding and the list goes on. Yee-h’awwww!

About Ruth Plourde

It was the summer of 2015, and Ruth had had it up to here (read: her eyeballs) with east coast livin’, sensing that, for her, Philadelphia might be more lovable from afar. Perhaps she had listened to Tom Waits’ Goin’ Out West two too many times that day, or perhaps dreams of wine country, the Cascades, and temperate rain forests had finally stolen her heart, but once she bought that plane ticket to Portland, OR, there was no going back. Ruth is a barista by day and a poet by night/lunch break. She is currently working on her first poetry collection to be published sometime this year. She couldn’t be happier to be interning for NW Kids Magazine and to be a part of the NW Kids community!