Our Mission

Portland is an amazing place to live.  At NW Kids, our goal is to help local parents enjoy all of the rich wonders of Portland and the surrounding areas, with their kids, together as families.  There is ALWAYS something fun to do with your kids in Portland, rain or shine, inside or outside, weekend or weekday, adventurous and not so adventurous, for fee or free, for dads or moms, grandparents, caregivers, babies, toddlers, and full-fledged kiddos.  If there is fun to be had in Portland with your and your kids, we will show you where to find it.

Our Readers

94% female

48% are 35-44

65% are employed

90%  have made a purchase, signed up for a class, or attended an event based on something they read in NW Kids over the past 12 months

90% read BOTH our ads and articles

94% are engaged in social networking (FaceBook, Twitter, etc.)

Source:  Survey Monkey, 2011 NW Kids Reader Survey

NW Kids = Added  Value

At NW Kids, we want to help GROW your business.

Our Look/Layout.  NW Kids is a high quality, boutique publication targeted to upscale moms with disposable income to spend on specialty items.

Size.   NW Kids is portable and aesthetically appealing.  Moms like to keep it on hand in their diaper bags/purses, glove boxes, etc throughout the month to use as a resource.  The editorial is bite sized & easily digestible for busy moms on the go.  The ads are easy to find and are not lost in a sea of endless editorial.

Distribution.  We keep a very close eye on our hand chosen distribution sites.  We have OVER a 98% pickup rate – meaning the magazines are being picked up and read.  This is great news for our advertisers and the environment.

Green Efforts.  The environment is extremely important to NW Kid s.  We make every effort to work smart and minimize our carbon footprint.  This is why we print just the right number of magazines – we know how many get picked up by parents and that’s how many we put on the streets.  We can’t stand to see piles of unread magazines go straight into the bin.  We encourage our readers to read NW Kids online or download a pdf version.

Social Networking.  We know and understand our readers – local, modern moms.  They are on Facebook and Twitter, where we have a large and constantly growing audience.  We LOVE to promote our advertiser to this captive audience.

Events.  We participate in many community events throughout the year & have opportunities for our advertisers to be in swag bags or booth displays at exclusive mom-focused events.

Additional Services:  graphic design, postcard distribution, publicity, and marketing assistance.  Talk to us about your needs!

Advertising Policy

NW Kids is supported by advertising. As with other media outlets, we try to be neutral and “non-denominational” when running ads. We don’t want to be in the position of choosing whose voice will be heard and believe that all who wish to advertise should be free to do so as long as their message is neither abusive nor offensive.

NW Kids does not endorse the positions or opinions of our advertisers. We believe our readers and visitors are savvy enough to form their own opinions. We also believe our visitors want to hear from organizations who have interesting products to sell or things to say—and are here to provide those advertisers with a way to tell their stories to our readers.

Feel free to send any comments or suggestions regarding our advertising policy to the Publisher at NW Kids, Your comments are read and carefully considered—and you’ll almost certainly hear back from us.